Travelling during covid

Travelling During and POST-COVID. My Thoughts

Today l wanted to share my thoughts on traveling During and POST-COVID. l know its a topic that seems far fetched, considering the fact we literally still in the #pandemic. The air bridge gave me unlimited ideas. The EU has opened its boarders the UK’s airports actually opened on the 15th of July. The FAQ, is it is now safe to travel? I’ll break it down in point form.

Firstly, the #country you are visiting and are coming from have clear guidelines read them to understand. For instance, in my case, the UK says that they do not advise against traveling unless essential travel, which means is your travel insurance does not cover this. The country you intend to visit, states you should not be traveling. I don’t know how to say this. Don’t travel unless you have to.

What I can say is, please check with your travel insurance, before you make any plans for that trip. Ask all possible questions. For example, l asked if l get COVID will l be covered and can l be brought back home. No matter how silly or weird a question you might have… Ask!!

Secondly, regarding all travel insurance companies, there’s probably going to be some amendments especially now and going forward because of the pandemic. Do check with your travel insurance’s terms and conditions, especially the fine print. You might be on a cover where you pay upfront 5% of your hospital stay. Do remember any amendments that may have occurred during the pandemic, your travel insurance will determine what sort of coverage or leverage you may have.

Travelling during covid

Thirdly, check the news and the official sites for information for the country that you intend to visit. For example, if you are planning on visiting #Spain and you are required to quarantine for seven days. If you’re going for 10 days this means the first 7days seven days you would have to be in your hotel room. Leaving you with 3 days to visit that’s if you test negative.

May l suggest you set up travel notification alerts on your phone or computer. Especially if you’re traveling in the next couple of weeks. Maybe set daily alerts from reliable and official sites. Official Embassy websites and social media accounts have the fastest feedback especially #twitter. At least if anything does change you are prepared.

Travelling during covid

Fourthly do carry extra cash and card especially a Credit card as most payments in Europe strive for the security offered by credit cards. Do notify a family member or a next of kin in the event you need money sent it will be easier. Most countries because of COVID are really advocating for paperless payment. So make sure your cards are authorized to make payments in the visiting country. Previously l highlighted items that I travel with myself. Would like to add the following to the list, a portable first aid kit, your normal medicine, and several facemasks. Do not forget to carry a mask, washables, and disposable masks.

l know it sounds like a lot scary and a lot to take in. Don’t be afraid to travel. We will get back to our old normal. The aviation and transport industry has been putting in a lot of work to get us all back to our old travel days. Heathrow Airport is minimizing people at the airport.

Travelling during covid
Travelling during covid
Heathrow Airport sanitizing

There are signs placed on seats emphasizing social distancing. “No Masks No Entry” into Heathrow Airport Terminal 4. Some airlines have stated No mask No flight motto. Do not assume you would be given a mask do carry several. Don’t forget your comments and suggestions for a topic are much appreciated.

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