Packing Essentials: What to pack for a 3 day weekend away

Are you ready to escape the daily grind and that precious weekend you booked? We know the feeling, and we’re here to help you pack like a pro for those short but sweet escapes.

As a group travel organiser, we understand that weekend getaways are all about maximizing fun and relaxation while minimizing stress. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate list of packing essentials to ensure you’re fully prepared for your next short trip away.

The list is intended as a guide only but do consider the weather and specific activities of your trip when packing. Also, try to mix and match items to create different outfits from fewer pieces, which can save space in your luggage. Don’t forget to pack any necessary accessories, like a watch or jewellery, to complete your looks.

I have broken the list down into 3, Clothing, Toiletries and Accessories.

Packing List😉


Packing cubes for easy organisation get yours here >

Two to three sets of underwear and socks

Pyjamas or sleepwear T-shirts or blouses

(2-3) Trousers or shorts/skirts (depending on the season)

Sweater or light jacket (for cooler evenings)

Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers/trainers

Casual or dressier outfit for an evening out (if needed)

Swimsuit (if relevant)

Hat or cap Sunglasses


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Shampoo and conditioner (travel-sized)

Soap or body wash Deodorant Razor and shaving cream

Hairbrush or comb

Moisturizer or lotion

Makeup (if desired)

Travel-sized first aid kit (band-aids, pain relievers, etc.)

Prescription medications (if applicable)


Hand sanitizer

Reusable water bottle

Portable charger for electronic devices, check some out here:

Travel-sized laundry bag /packing cubes (for dirty clothes)& organised packing:

Travel guidebook or maps Entertainment (book, e-reader, or magazines)

Travel pillow (for a comfortable journey)

Travel backpack or tote bag for day trips


Personal identification (ID, passport, driver’s license)

Travel itinerary and reservations

Wallet with cash and debit/credit cards

Snacks or energy bars Reusable shopping bag (for souvenirs or groceries) T

ravel adapters and chargers (if traveling internationally)

Earplugs (for a good night’s sleep)

Travel-sized umbrella (if rain is expected)

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